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A Revolutionary Trading
& Yield Farming Protocol

Join the world’s first decentralized trading competition on Pera Yield Farming Protocol.

Welcome to Pera!

Pera Finance is a DeFi platform where traders, liquidity providers and holders yield farm together through the DeFi's first decentralized trading competition.

Farm Triple Yields with PERA

  • Liquidity

    PERA Traders and Liquidity Providers earn daily emission rewards.

  • Trade

    PERA Holders, Traders, Stakers and Liquidity Providers earn PERA transaction fees.

  • DeFi

    PERA stakers earn multi-asset yields as Pera Finance integrates with other protocols.

The Pera Yield Farming Ecosystem

Pera is a flexible, fair, and self-sustaining financial ecosystem where users share 100% of the generated yields based on their contribution.

How PERA Works?

Pera Finance combines transaction fee-based and emission-based yield farming methods with a fully-decentralized trading competition, creating a versatile and sustainable DeFi platform.

  • Liquidity Providers

    LP Token Stakers of PERA

    Tx Fee Rewards: Earn 0.75% of Every Tx
    Emission Rewards: Share 50,400 PERA/Day

  • Traders

    Top-10 Volume Creators of PERA

    Tx Fee Rewards: Earn 0.5% of Every Tx
    Emission Rewards: Share 19,600 PERA/Day

  • Holders

    Every Wallet that Holds PERA

    Tx Fee Rewards: Earn 0.75% of Every Tx

The PERA smart contract applies a 2% fee to every PERA transaction (Tx) to generate Tx Fee Rewards, in addition to 70,000 daily PERA Emission Rewards.
PERA token smart contract is audited by Halborn, a leading blockchain cybersecurity firm.
You can read the smart contract security audit report here

A New Era of Trading Protocols in DeFi

Pera Finance brings a new type of trader-oriented yield farming protocol via decentralized trading competitions - a first ever in DeFi. Our modular and scalable smart contract solutions open a new era to build more robust financial ecosystems around customizable trading competitions.

PERA as a Proof of Concept

The PERA token is the proof of concept of our trading solutions, which aim to utilize DEX liquidity to a new level via yield farming for traders. We aim to be a pioneer in the field of trading protocols by establishing liquidity & volume-based platforms.

Trading Solutions for DeFi

Pera Finance’s trading solutions can be integrated into all DEXs, yield farming models, and derivative platforms. Our innovative approach targets to boost the volume and liquidity of the entire DeFi space by allowing traders to yield farm.

DeFi 2.0

The PERA smart contract’s internal volume oracle enables DeFi platforms to include the volume data of their users as a parameter in their financial structure. Just as liquidity mining was the beginning of DeFi, the inclusion of traders in the yield farming structure will be the beginning of DeFi 2.0.

Scalable & Modular

The modular & scalable structure of the PERA sorting algorithm allows easy integration into projects of different sizes. The PERA sorting algorithm applies a unique filtering method to every transaction, reducing the high fees associated with sorting.


Making DeFi better with Hybrid Token Mechanics
In the DeFi space, yield farming rewards are usually created to boost supply side liquidity via unsustainable emission-based or Tx fee-based reward mechanisms. However, none of the existing DeFi protocols have a hybrid farming mechanism that also rewards the creation of demand side liquidity.

Making Supply Meet Demand

We introduce a unique emission mechanism which rewards both supply and demand side liquidity, for a sustainable farming experience.

Competitive Trade Farming

The on-chain trading competition creates sufficient daily PERA volume and transaction fees to solve the long-term sustainability problem of traditional Tx fee-based yield farming protocols.

A Robust Financial Architecture

The PERA Token is designed via real data-fed analytical market models that cover a variety of different cases, to ensure a reliable financial ecosystem and sufficient returns (APYs) for its users.


Pera Finance aims to be the most advanced and innovative yield farming & trading protocol on the market.

  • June 2020

    Conceptualization of the Pera Protocol & Team Building

  • July 2020

    Testing of the Financial Model

  • August 2020

    Start of the PERA Token Smart Contract Development

  • September 2020

    Start of the PERA Staking Smart Contract Development

  • October 2020

    Conceptualization of the PERA Filter & Sort Algorithm

    PERA Token & Staking Smart Contracts Alpha Testing

  • November 2020

    Start of the Sorting Algorithm Smart Contract Development

  • December 2020

    PERA Token & Sorting Algorithm Smart Contracts Beta Testing

  • January 2021

    Website Development & PERA Token Smart Contract Audit

  • February 2021

    Meeting with Private Investors, Marketing & Community Building

  • July 2021

    Public Sale & PancakeSwap Listing

  • Q3 2021

    Bridging PERA Tokens to other Blockchains

  • Q4 2021

    Modular Integration of Trading Solutions to other DeFi Platforms

  • Q1 2022

    Launch of the Pera Options Platform

PERA Token Economics


  • Eren YECAN

  • Utku ÇELİKOK



  • Arthur IINUMA

    Strategy Advisor
  • Kinsa DURST

    Strategy Advisor

    Security Advisor

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